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Urban Bespoke


   In Italian, the word “trama” means both the combination of threads which form a fabric, as well as the events around which a novel or film unfolds. In many cultures the language of weaving shares some of its fundamental terms with the world of storytelling, exactly because there is an ancient link between telling and weaving. There is a fluid dialogue of thoughts, emotions and suggestions linked to art, nature and fashion.

The leading thread is curiosity, and above all, attention to detail without imposing and being invasive. 

   The new collection of Urban bespoke is a celebration of eccentricity and imagination- a modern way to interpret the aesthetic of classic. This includes slightly purposely distorted geometries, plains with micro mosaic textures, false jacquard effects with unconventional double-faces, all in a double twisted Batavia weave that guarantees optimal crease resistance and long lasting wearability. This is an ideal choice for people on the move.

   Jackets distinguish themselves precisely because they are intended to be discreet, which makes them extremely versatile and easy to combine. They can be used for any occasion, or can be the ideal alternative to the more formal business suits.

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