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   Viana Canada Inc. was established in Canada in 1985. Our Italian background has enabled us to focus on supplying high quality Italian clothing products.

   Our Collections include some of the best names on the market, such as Cloth Ermenegildo Zegna, Reda1865 and Canclini (1925) Shirts. Our exclusive lines serve our Made to Measure clients with only the most exquisite fibres.

   Gattonero has become one of the most well established names on the market for neckwear. The finest Italian silks are selected to create a refined finished product from Italy.

   Sanmarco Knitwear is designed to bring quality and tradition to our clients. Only Zegna Baruffa Wool is used to produce a sweater that looks and feels exceptional in every aspect.

   Sanmarco Scarves are the ultimate final accessories for your wardrobe. They are made from premium natural fibers (wool, silk, baby alpaca and cashmere), and designed and created from the latest Italian fashions.

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